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Membership Renewal Form 2016-2017

Below are the steps to follow to renew your membership:
glass_numbers_1 blank Fill in the form below and submit it using the "Send it!" button at the bottom of the page.
glass_numbers_2   Pay online or make your cheque payable to ATINS, and send it along to:

Membership Renewal
P.O. Box 372
Halifax, N.S.
B3J 2P8

Fee Schedule:
Certified members pay $140.00 ($150 with late fee)
Associate members pay $110.00 ($120 with late fee)

Don’t forget to send your payment by June 30, 2016. A $10 late fee will apply after this date. If you are certified in one language combination but an associate in other language combinations you must pay the certified member price of $140.


glass_numbers_1 Annual Renewal

glass_numbers_2 Payment

Payment Form

Certified members
Associate members