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General Meetings


The Association has the power to repeal or amend any of these By-laws by a Special Resolution, as defined in article 1f.


The Annual General Meeting of the Association is a general meeting as defined in article 1e and shall be held within three months of the end of the fiscal year; the date, hour and location shall be determined by the Board.


At the Annual General Meeting, the membership shall:

  1. accept the minutes of the last Annual General Meeting;
  2. hear the Board's report of activities during the preceding year;
  3. receive the financial statements and auditor's report for the preceding year;
  4. elect Board Members to replace those whose term of office has expired;
  5. appoint the auditor, as defined in article 1i, for the current year;
  6. decide any other matter that may properly be brought before the Meeting.

The Board may call a Special General Meeting for any reason deemed sufficient.


A Special General Meeting must be called if ten (10) Members submit a request specifying the purpose of the meeting.


The President calls the General Meetings. Notice of meeting, agenda and texts of all resolutions to be proposed must be sent to all Members fifteen (15) days before the date of the Meeting.


The quorum of a General Meeting shall be met if the President, the Vice-president, two other Board Members and eight Members are present.


Only Certified Members of the Association have the right to vote. A Member cannot remit more than two proxies at any General Meeting.


Resolutions presented at a General Meeting are passed by majority vote (more than 50% of the Members present). In case of an equality of votes, the Meeting Chair shall have a casting vote. The Chair may demand a secret ballot.


Minutes of all General Meetings shall be kept.