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Duties and Responsibilities of the Board
  1. The Board is responsible for the application of these By-laws, for the holding of certification examinations as described in Article 43 and for the conduct of the business of the Association.
  2. The Board is responsible for the annual preparation and printing of the Directory, which provides data about each Member, including address, phone and fax numbers, etc., status, language combination(s), areas of specialization, and the code of ethics.
  3. The Board has the right to refuse all or part of an advertisement and/or business card submitted for publication in the Directory.
  4. The Board is responsible for the annual sending of the Directory to all Members of the Association as well as to all potential users of Translator and Interpreter services in Nova Scotia.

The Board shall meet at least four (4) times between consecutive Annual General Meetings.


The Board may create committees as needed and for specific purposes, but shall not be bound by any of their recommendations.


If the post of auditor should become vacant between consecutive Annual General Meetings, the Board shall provide for a replacement.