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Duties of the Board Members


The President is the spokesperson for the Association. The President shall call, prepare the agenda for and chair the General Meetings and the Board meetings. The President is an ex officio Member of all committees. He shall supervise the conduct of the business of the Association and the implementation of decisions.


The Vice-President shall assist the President. In the absence of the latter, the Vice-President shall act as President.


The Secretary has custody of the database, other documents and the Official Seal of the Association. The Secretary or his Board-approved replacement shall prepare the minutes of each meeting.


The Treasurer has custody of the funds of the Association. He shall make bank deposits and allocate moneys as directed by the Board. He shall keep accounts of the Association and draw up financial statements.


Contracts and other binding documents, including cheques, shall be signed by two of three authorized representatives named by the Board.


Any Member of the Board who, without reasonable justification, fails to attend two consecutive meetings, is deemed to have resigned.


Minutes of all Board meetings shall be kept.