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The borrowing powers of the Association may be exercised by Special Resolution of the Members, as defined in Article 1f.


The auditor is responsible for preparing a written financial statement for presentation at the Annual General Meeting. A balance sheet and a statement of the Association's income and expenditures in the preceding year shall be filed with the "Registrar of Joint Stock Companies", within fourteen (14) days of the Annual General Meeting.


Any Member may inspect the books, records and documents of the Association at a reasonable hour agreed upon with the Secretary described in Article 26.


The Seal of the Association shall be in the custody of the Secretary described in Article 26 and may be affixed to any document upon resolution of the Board.


In the case of dissolution of the Association, any balance left over, after liquidation of its assets and satisfaction of its debts and liabilities, shall be paid to any other non profit organization in Canada having objectives similar to those of the Association.


The Association shall file with the Registrar, with its Annual Statement, a list of its Board Members with their addresses, occupations and dates of election, and, within fourteen days of a change of Board Members, notify the Registrar of the change.


The Association shall file with the Registrar a copy in duplicate of every Special Resolution within fourteen (14) days after the Resolution is passed.


Where a discipline committee, established by the Board, finds the conduct of a Member is detrimental to the interests of the Association, such a committee may do any or more of the following, subject to providing prior notification to such Member: (1) issue a warning or reprimand; (2) suspend the Member for a certain period of time; or (3) expel the Member. Any suspended or expelled Member automatically loses his privileges as a Member under these Bylaws. Such Member may appeal, within thirty days from the date of the decision such committee, to the Board. Upon hearing the Member, the Board may affirm, vary or rescind the decision of the committee.