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International Translation Day: Technology Serving the Needs of Translation

The International Federation of Translators invites detached consideration of this topical issue during the celebrations of 30 September 2000. It invites the professional associations of Translators all over the world to draw the attention of their members and the public at large, to the advantages and disadvantages of the new tools employed in our profession.

The time is ripe for an assessment of the changes to the day-to-day work of translators brought about by the ever-present computer, widespread access to the Internet, almost universal access to e-mail and the use of such tools as voice recognition programs, integrated translation project managers, on-line document data bases, translation memory and so on.

It is also time to assess the reality of claimed productivity gains, the reduction of time-lines, the development of working practices over the ether and the downward pressure on the price of translations.

Finally and most importantly, FIT encourages the examination of the effects of technology on translation quality and on the quality of life of Translators.

Daniel, Robert Cormier,
Sibylle Bechtold
Annie St-Jacques
Katie Dupont
Mariane Leclerc
International Translation Day at the Fireside restaurant in Halifax.