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Translator or Interpreter?

Translators specialize in written communication, transposing a text from one language into another, and conveying its content as faithfully as possible. By virtue of their training, translators are also qualified to write original material, edit translated texts and produce creative adaptations.

Interpreters specialize in oral communication, providing simultaneous translation (where the interpreter speaks at the same time as the speaker) or consecutive translation (where the interpreter repeats after the speaker). Interpretation is generally a service provided for conferences, meetings, and other such official gatherings.

Certified or Associate?

Certified members are experienced translators or interpreters who successfully passed the standard national certification examination given by CTTIC. Certified members are certified only for the language combination(s) for which they have successfully passed the certification examination. They are professionals with considerable experience in translation or interpretation, and the skills needed to ensure the quality of their work.

Associate members have limited experience in translation or interpretation. As a general rule, the work of associate members must be supervised by an experienced translator who is certified for the language combination in which the work is done.